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AmicA Bridle

AmicA Bridle

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The AmicA bridle gives a brand new experience for both horse and rider.
With a unique and well thought through design it accommodates a lot of different preferences and tastes within both horse- and rider community.

AmicA features both functionality, flexibility and fashion. We took a stand in science and developed the bridle we would like our own horse to wear.

This means that the bridle is adjustable to fit both size and any type of head shape. The bridle is one size that fits cob to extra full. For example, a wide forehead doesn’t match a small nose as a bridle usually comes in one size and all the separate parts are that size. The AmicA is adjustable in all of the parts.

The neckpiece is designed in three individual parts held together by leather integrated elastic. The shape is made to give the ears freedom to move and the nerves and muscles to go free from unnecessary pressure.

The nosebands are all designed to avoid pressure from sensitive nerves. With only one strap that holds both bit and noseband the look and feel is neat and tidy. If you prefer to keep a more traditional noseband function there is an optional anatomical and softly padded chin strap included.

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