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Jag tror att gjorden är magisk!! Aldrig har jag upplevt en sån här effekt förut! Min nya häst kom med enormt sadelgjordstvång. Efter drygt en vecka med AnnaTomicAn står hon och sover när jag sadlar och är eftergiven från steg ett i ridningen. 

Frida Andersen - Swedish olympic eventing rider

You only need one girth! This one fits every horse perfectly and with very smart elasticity that expands when the horse is breathing!

Hannah Åkerblom - International show jumper in Barcelona, Spain

This girth is amazing. Practical and good looking at the same time.  I love that it allows the horse to breathe and expand its ribcage plus the fact that it is adjustable in length. It is the best girth I've ever owned!

Matilda Enberg - Event rider

Adjust the size for a perfect fit

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Add just it - The AddJustA story

AddJustA is all about making things fit or look better. A more comfortable fit for the horse and rider, flexibility to be used on different horses and in different disciplines and stunning looks!

Our products came to life when we saw that we couldn’t really get what we wanted in the existing market and decided to design what we desired; comfortable and elegant equipment that takes care of more than just the needs of the horse and rider.

By making responsible choices we work hard to keep an environmental friendly approach in all steps of the production line.