Leather care instructions

Taking good care of your leather products is an investment! With the proper care and suitable storage, your products will last you a long time.

We recommend that you apply leather conditioner before you use the product for the first time. We use vegetable tanned leather that may appear somewhat stiffer than regular chrome tanned leather at first, but will in time be soft and supple with the right care. Because our products are handmade in natural leather, each product is unique, it is individual how many times you need to use leather conditioner before the leather is fully saturated. We recommend using a more generous amount leather conditioner after each use until the leather is fully saturated, then only use a small amount after each use.

Daily care:

When it comes to girths, we recommend the following:

- After using the girth, use warm water on a sponge to wipe off the girth. Sweat will harden the leather and may eventually cause it to crack. By removing the sweat after each use, your leather will stay soft and supple for a long time to come. If you use leather soap, wipe off excessive soap directly. 

- Using a dry and clean towel, wipe the girth until dry.

- Apply a small amount of leather conditioner.

As the leather dries, the natural oils in the leather evaporates. Let your leather products dry slowly, away from heat and sunlight as this may make the leather hard and brittle and weaken the elastic on the girth.

Please note!

You are using our products at your own risk. Damaged or worn leather can break and could potentially put you and your horse in a dangerous situation. For your safety, please inspect your tack regularly and take good care of it.