How to ensure the best fit of the girth

- As with all girths, the girth straps should be fitted evenly on both sides to make sure the girth is placed at the center of the sternum and in between the front legs. Many riders place their saddles too far forward, restricting the movement of the horse's shoulder and creating discomfort for the horse. This can cause chafing in the elbow area.

- We recommend adjusting the length of the girth straps so that the buckles will be at a similar distance from the bottom of the flaps as pictured below to ensure full shoulder freedom for the horse. The end of the buckles should be as close to the bottom of the saddle flaps as possible. All saddle flaps are different, and therefore we can't give an exact measurement of how far away from the flap the girth buckles should be. On the picture below the distance is 11 cm.  

- If the horse looses or gains weight, adjust the girth accordingly to make sure it is the right length for your horse at all times.

- The girth should have a snug fit, but should not be pulled too tightly. A too tightly pulled girth will cause discomfort for the horse and can affect the horse's performance  negatively. The horse´s chest expands when the horse breathes, and the faster the horse moves, the more oxygen its muscles needs. A too tightly pulled girth will limit the oxygen flow, hence it will limit the horse's performance. 

- Last but not least, please keep in mind that a girth will under no circumstances make an illfitting saddle fit. It is of outmost importance to make sure that your saddle actually fits your horse.