Environmental policy

We decided early on to focus on running an environmentally sustainable business in all leads in our production and distribution.

We work with factories in India whom can supply us with vegetable tanned leather, has fair working conditions, and whom works hard with us to keep an environmentally friendly approach in all steps of the production line. The goal with our cooperation is to always strive to make the production better and, by our trade with the factory, improve the living conditions of the workers.

Our Vision

We try to use packing materials and disposables in recycled material, and, when possible, reusing the packaging material that we receive. Materials that can't be reused will be recycled. This means we are not able to choose the cheapest materials in all steps of our production, but it means we can run our business with a relatively clean conscious. By relatively, we want make it clear that we are well aware that any leather production and freight will affect our environment and the climate. 

Our products

We believe that our products are sustainable in more than one way. Not only by using responsible suppliers and vegetable tanned leather. By buying one girth that will fit most horses, there is no need to own several different girths. A pair of stirrup sleeves will reduce wear to your stirrup leathers, hide your worn out but useable stirrup leathers and protect your saddle and riding boots.