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An anatomic girth with three-dimensional movement for your horse. The five individual pieces joined together by a strong elastic follows your horse's every move. Due to its unique design, it hugs the shape of the horse's chest perfectly. No more hanging and flapping at the end of the stud, as can sometimes be seen in regular stud girths.


The elastic of the girth is centrally located on the horses sternum for extra comfort and stability. Compared to many other girths on the market with elastic on the sides only, the ErgoLogicA will create a more even pull when the girth is fitted evenly on both sides. When mounting from the left on a girth with elastic on the sides only, the left elastic will expand because it is closest to the pulling force while the other elastic will basically remain the same, creating an uneven pull and shifting the saddle to the left. With the centrally located elastic, the elastic will expand from the middle, creating a more even pull. The elastic will also allow the chest to expand while breathing and jumping thus increasing the flow of oxygen for maximum performance at all times.The stud ensures excellent pressure distribution and comfort. It has extra soft padding and is covered with a very supple vegetable tanned leather.


The girth is easily adjustable in length, and is adjustable from 110 cm to 140 cm. This allows for a perfect fit at all times, although your horse has lost or gained weight. If you have several horses, the same girth can be used by simply adjusting the length for each horse.